A study of hemophilia a sex linked disease

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We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Hemophilia is a sex-linked trait caused by a gene mutation. The image shows the inheritance pattern of the hemophilia trait when the mother is a carrier and the father does not.

an inherited metabolic disorder in which there are abnormally high blood sugar levels. In advanced stages, this often results in blindness from cataracts, nerve damage, gangrene in the feet and legs leading to amputation, heart disease, and kidney jkaireland.com 1 diabetes melitis (juvenile onset diabetes) is due to decreased production of insulin by the pancreas.

Hemophilia A is an inherited bleeding disorder characterized by plasma deficiency of coagulation factor VIII. 1,2 A major complication in 30% of patients is the occurrence of alloantibodies. Human genetic disease, any of the diseases and disorders that are caused by mutations in one or more genes.

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With the increasing ability to control infectious and nutritional diseases in developed countries, there has come the realization that genetic diseases are. Hemophilia B, also called factor IX (FIX) deficiency or Christmas disease, is a genetic disorder caused by missing or defective factor IX, a clotting protein.

A study of hemophilia a sex linked disease
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