Arctic sea ice coverage drops to record low essay

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Arctic Sea Ice Extent is Third Lowest on Record

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The National Snow and Ice Data Center reported earlier this month that, as a result, Arctic sea ice has reached a record low. Not once in 38 years of satellite records has January arrived with so little ice coverage on the top of our planet. March sea ice extent reached the lowest extent on record in and hit roughly the same low again in —about 7 percent less than the – average.

All months have shown a negative trend in sea ice extent over the past several decades.

Antarctic Sea Ice

Arctic sea ice, sometimes billed as Earth's air conditioner for its moderating effects on world climate, will probably shrink to a record low level this year, scientists predicted on Wednesday. The Bering had record-low ice this winter — the lowest amount in more than years of records — and as of mid-May, ice was almost entirely gone from the basin.

Warm Arctic winter starts sea ice off at a record low

The melt has also been rapid north of the Bering Strait in the Chukchi Sea. New York Times accurately covers record low Arctic winter sea ice extent in The New York Times, by Henry Fountain “The article accurately reports on the state of Arctic sea ice at the annual maximum (in March) and its causes, and gives an insightful discussion as to the implications.

Global sea ice is retreating at unprecedented speed with its impact already being felt across the globe, a leading scientist has warned. While ice in the Arctic is close to record lows, the.

Arctic sea ice coverage drops to record low essay
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z Record Low of Sea Ice | Paul Beckwith, Climate System Scientist